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  1. Painter 3wk 2d ago

    Thank you for the fav :)

  2. SamB 13wk 5d ago

    thank you for your fav :)

  3. Blue-Crescent 15wk 4d ago

    Quote by sakura-chan0103 haha.. thank u very much for ur favs n comments on my artwork,dear friend ;)
    hv a nice day~! ^_^

    The pleasure is purely mine, my Lady ^^
    You artworks are simply wonderful it made my heart jumped during my first sight on it.
    You deserve more than a favorite for a job well done my friend.^^
    Keep up the good art and may you continue to spread you creativity and wonderful talent.
    Have a blessed day ahead of you!

  4. Steffi1690 16wk 5d ago


  5. Steffi1690 17wk 2d ago

    Well, this would be it:

    Shiitake - Girl 18

  6. Steffi1690 17wk 6d ago


  7. Steffi1690 18wk 2d ago

    I would like to upload 2-3 monochrome Shiitake artworks, would you color them for me, please?

  8. elisadevelon 18wk 4d ago

    Thank you for the fav on my VK wall :)

    Love for a Vampire by elisadevelon

  9. Steffi1690 20wk 0d ago

    Quote by sakura-chan0103 err.. it's been few days i hv been coloring on tat anime ^^"a
    plus there're so many characters tat i dun recognize anymore.. among all ur scans, i oni know the ones that i colored.. ><
    sorry.. >_<

    Okay, for the time being it's okay ^^

    What Anime charas are you colouring ?

  10. Steffi1690 20wk 4d ago

    Quote by sakura-chan0103 yea.. tis time got the free time to color it.. :)
    tat's y can kinda do it fast :D
    i noe tat Ensei has greenish hair, but my color pencils dun hv tat kind of color.. so i tried to combine brown n green color but after scanned, it looks more like brown.. sori.. >_<'''
    for Shuurei's collar, if u look at the original pic properly, it actually has the decorations on it.. oni tat's very blur.. therefore, i jz simply put some color on it n leave the color to do the trick~ ^_~
    i'm glad tat u like it.. hehe ^_^

    about the coloring, i think i still can color more, but can it not b frm saiunkoku monogatari? ^^"a

    Can I ask why not?
    Or which one do you want to Color?

  11. Steffi1690 20wk 4d ago

    Quote by sakura-chan0103 hi, steffi.. ^_^
    i hv done the artwork tat u requested ;)

    i'm not sure whether u hv seen tis one cause it's been almost 2yrs artwork tat u request me to color it.. >w<

    hahaha.. sorry for taking it so long ^^'a
    hope u'll like them~
    hv a nice day~(✿,,.__.)♥

    WoW! You very Very quick with coloring!
    Would you mind colouring more?

  12. Steffi1690 21wk 0d ago

    Yup. but can it be a scan that I scanned please?